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After more than 20 years defending optometry and optometrists, there is, perhaps, no person in the United States that knows more about optometric law, or has more real-world hand-on experience assisting and defending optometrists, both inside and outside of the courtroom, than Craig Steinberg, O.D., J.D.


In a program never before offered in optometry, Dr. Steinberg will soon begin accepting up to 300 optometrists – and only 300 – as his Concierge Clients. Dr. Steinberg will provide his Concierge Clients with low cost pre-paid priority-access consulting and personalized services for wide a variety of business and legal matters, VSP compliance reviews designed to help prevent you from being audited or suffering a bad outcome if you are audited, and even a full legal defense of VSP audits if you are audited by VSP. California optometrists can add State Board compliance consulting and full legal defense of State Board of Optometry inquiries, citations and accusations. Please review the PLANS link for the full list of all the services you will receive as a Concierge Client!

Have a question about whether you can fire an employee? Want to know how to handle a divorced parent that insists on knowing the results of an examination? Think there may have been a HIPAA violation and you’re not sure what to do? Discover that an employee has not been billing VSP correctly and you want to avoid being terminated from VSP’s panel? These are just a few of the many vexing questions optometrists address daily. Dr. Steinberg has dealt with all of them, and will use his experience and expertise to help guide you through these landmines and many more.


MyOptometryLawyer is not a business alliance or “buying group” like IDOC or Vision Source. And it’s not marketing or business growth consulting like Gary Gerber’s Power Practice, Al Cleinman’s Cleinman Performance Partners, or the William’s Group. MyOptometryLawyer compliments, not replaces, these great services that are already available to help optometrists grow their practice. MyOptometryLawyer is about ensuring that you and your practice are always protected by securing, in advance, access to low-cost pre-paid legal and business consulting service from optometry’s leading legal expert, services that simply are not available from any other source without paying the high hourly fees of a private attorney – one that typically knows almost nothing about optometry.

There isn’t an optometrist in the United States who would open an office without malpractice and liability insurance. It’s just too risky. Now, for the first time you have the ability to secure access to and the services of optometry’s leading legal expert, “on-call” to defend you if you’re audited by VSP, to answer your legal and business questions, and to provide you with custom, individualized help with the myriad common, though often vexing, issues that all owner-optometrists deal with on an all-too-often basis.

But the opportunity is limited because Dr. Steinberg will accept only 300 Concierge Clients. After that there may be no opportunity to retain Dr. Steinberg to help you.


MyOptometryLawyer offers two remarkably low-cost levels of service to choose from, the Gold and Platinum plans, plus the opportunity for California optometrists to add full State Board defense. With either plan your one-year minimum commitment instantly makes you a Concierge Client of Dr. Steinberg. You’ll receive a special email address and phone number only for Dr. Steinberg’s concierge clients, the highest priority responses to emails and can schedule calls directly with Dr. Steinberg to address your business and legal issues, often the same day. Don’t delay. Protect yourself now, when it’s not too late. Don’t miss this limited opportunity to have legal your documents reviewed, custom documents prepared, employee and business questions answered, and an experienced attorney ready if you’re audited.


The opportunity to secure Dr. Steinberg’s services and become a Concierge Client won’t last for long because once 300 doctors sign up, no additional clients will be accepted. But becoming a Concierge Client is easy. When MyOptometryLawyer goes live — about October 10, 2019 — all you’ll need to do is go to, choose your plan, fill out the on-line Concierge Client application, and detailed instructions will be promptly sent to you. Then start sleeping easy knowing you’ve got low-cost pre-paid access to optometry’s leading legal expert whenever you need him. In the meantime, put yourself on a no-obligation wait list.


Act fast and be among the first 100 to become a concierge client, and your cost for the Plan you choose will never increase. Once 100 doctors have signed up, this one-time guarantee ends.

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