As a concierge client there are two plans available for you to choose from, Gold and Platinum. California optometrists can add state board defense to either plan.

Gold Level provides the essential business and legal consulting services that every privately-owned practice needs on a regular basis. Gold level includes the following services and products, on-call, when needed:

  • Unlimited access to Dr. Steinberg for all of your legal/business optometric consulting needs and questions
  • Dr. Steinberg is available to be retained to defend or represent you in defense of VSP audits and as an expert witness at reduced rates
  • Responses to email questions, usually within 24 hours, on the full range of optometric topics including:
    • VSP, Medicare, and VCP compliance and audit avoidance
    • Patient care/standard of care/malpractice advice and consulting
    • HIPAA and privacy issue advice/consulting
    • Human resource/employee consulting services concerning topics such as hiring, termination, employee discipline, and employee theft.
  • Up to three hours per month of scheduled telephone consulting
  • Unlimited contract reviews (Leases/subleases, equipment leases, employee contracts, etc.)
  • Unlimited Access to the full line of Dr. Steinberg’s library of written products and guides, but customized upon request for the specific needs of individual Concierge Clients, including:
    • Employee and Associate Doctor employment contracts
    • HIPAA Privacy manual
    • Employer’s Guide with Employee Handbook
    • Employee review and discipline materials
    • Severance Agreements
  • Regular newsletter to ensure you know what’s happening in the profession’s laws
  • Private online discussion forum only for Concierge Clients

Platinum Level takes the Gold Level a major step further by including comprehensive VSP audit prevention and defense:

  • Preventative record reviews with analysis and written report to help ensure good compliance with VSP and medical insurance rules and the best possible audit outcomes, and
  • Full legal defense of any VSP audit or adverse action, including the legal fees incurred for Dr. Steinberg to represent you in all levels of VSP audit defense

Platinum Level includes:

  • All Gold level services
  • Plus: VSP Audit prophylactic/preventative record reviews to help avoid audits and minimize the risk of a bad audit outcome if you are audited by VSP
  • Plus: Full legal defense of VSP audits, including all levels of appeal
  • Plus: Prophylactic/preventative review of records for compliance with medical insurance and Medicare billing rules and regulations
  • Plus: For California doctors, formation of a Professional Corporation
  • Plus: Drafting and review of customized contracts and agreements, including, for instance:
    • Partnership/shareholder agreements
    • Buy/Sell and Stock Purchase agreements
    • Asset purchase agreements
    • Employee contracts (hiring, termination, etc.)
    • Non-compete and related agreements
    • Miscellaneous agreements for use in the practice
    • Advice/drafting of patient communications and office policies
    • Advice/drafting of employee communications and policies
  • Plus: Reduced hourly rate expert witness
  • Plus: Reduced hourly rate associate (pro hoc vice) legal services

State Board Defense

  • For California optometrists only, add to your Gold or Platinum level legal representation in connection with any State Board inquiry, citation, or accusation.
  • Includes all legal fees defending and litigating a State Board claim against you